Holy Double Take – These 20 Cat Doppelgängers Are Too Awesome To Be Real

1.) Doing his best “Swamp Man.”

2.) This seems…wrong?

3.) You’re a little TOO accurate, Iggy Pop.

4.) Maybe not perfect, but any excuse to include a Mythbusters reference!

5.) Dobbie, we miss you!

6.) Uncanny isn’t a strong enough word.

7.) Salvador Dali, meet your hipster counterpart.

8.) Talk to me when you discover something groundbreaking in physics.

9.) She’s a better a Maleficent than Angelina!

10.) That hat. Oh, Charlie.

11.) The pin up “cat” of our dreams.

12.) I’m Batman. No, I’M Batman. NO, I’M BATMAN!

13.) I hear a black cat crossing your path is bad luck, but this is ridiculous.

14.) “Exxxxcellent.”

15.) Lenin’s cat…well, not really.

16.) This is taken straight from every Looney Tunes cartoon!

17.) This cat saw How To Train Your Dragon a few too many times…

18.) Wilford Brimley, oh my!

19.) Just pulllin’ a Leo.

20.) What in the world could be cuter?


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