How To Fake a Waist, According to Prada

How To Fake a Waist, According to Prada

Dora Fung

Market Director
March 25, 2016

If you type the question ‘how to fake a waist’ into a search engine, you get over 17,800,000 results. I guess it’s such a burning question that after almost 18 million tries, people are still searching for a satisfactory answer. Luckily, high fashion has finally offered us the solution.

We’ve all heard the tips about making sure our clothes fit properly, wearing dark colors, and belting everything you own. But just last month, Prada’s Fall ‘16 collection threw that rule book out the window, and showed us a whole new way to fake a waist (or just accent the one you’ve got). Click ahead for three, Prada-approved ways to get waisted.

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