How to Get the Quilted Eyeshadow at Chanel’s PFW Show

The makeup at Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2016 show at Paris Fashion Week was light, fresh, and beautiful — and featured one glaring outlier: eyeshadow that was quilted and heavy, stretching from lashes to brows. 

Photo: Getty Images

Makeup artist Tom Pecheux used Chanel makeup, naturally, to create an eyeshadow look inspired by the brand’s iconic quilted bag (though one could argue it looks a little like snakeskin, or even your grandmother’s crocheted blanket). 

It’s a look that’s a little difficult to recreate at home, but if you’re really digging it, try a press-on eyeshadow strip for the pattern.


Mascara was clumpy and lips were soft pink, rounding out a classic Chanel look — just with a twist.

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