If You Love Scrabble, This Is The Perfect DIY Project For You

A local laser cutter/engraver supplied the quarter-inch-thick maple tiles.

He placed the magnets inside with some Gorilla glue.

And glued the halves together…

He made sure they dried well by placing the tiles in clamps.

Then he sanded down the rough edges and exposed glue.

Time to paint! It’s fine to be a little sloppy…

Because you can sand away the mistakes!

This may seem like a good idea for the board base…

Instead, he used a magnetic stainless steel behind the plywood.

He painted on the lines and the special squares.

The laser cutter also supplied these mylar stencils for the board lettering.

Making the painting precise is pretty difficult, even with stencils.

But the end result still looks great!

Check out their first game on the new board.


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