Inspiring Amputee Model Posts Bikini Snaps Showing Off Her Prosthetic Limb

[Photo: Paola Antonini/ Instagram]

Instagram accounts which feature girls stunning selfies and thousands of followers are hardly unusual. 

However, 21-year-old Paola Antonini’s popular account is not ordinary but rather extraordinary, as it also boasts one inspiring story.  

The Brazilian model uses her Instagram to show off her prosthetic limb – the result of a tragic car accident in 2014, when Antonini was hit by a drunk driver. 

[Photo: Paola Antonini/ Instagram]

It left her leg crushed and Antonini with the challenge of coming to terms with her leg being amputated below her knee. The model was learning to walk again when she was forced to have a second amputation, this time extending the amputation to the top of her thigh.

But instead of hiding her prosthetic leg from the world, the model has decided to celebrate it and documents her life living with an amputated limb online.  

She shares photos of all aspects of her life on Instagram, from fittings for a new prosthetic leg to travelling, skateboarding and swimming. 

[Photo: Paola Antonini/ Instagram]

[Photo: Paola Antonini/ Instagram]

And, perhaps most impressively, the model hasn’t put her career on hold. Instead, she’s continuing modelling in the hope that she’ll inspired other amputees. 

Whether she knows it or not, her unstoppable energy for life is helping many others. One of her 613,000 Instagram followers commented, “I’m going through a tough time for health reasons, and seeing your photos and videos, you inspire me to fight and always try to look on the bright side!”

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