Is Hillary Clinton’s $600 Haircut Really So Outrageous?

Twirling on the haters. (Photo: Getty Images)

ICYMI, the woman with the world’s most scrutinized hair decided to get a haircut yesterday. Page Six reported that Hillary Clinton and her “entourage” hit up John Barrett at Bergdorf Goodman first thing in the morning, where the renowned celebrity stylist routinely charges $600 for a coif. 

Whether or not Clinton actually paid that for the cut hasn’t been confirmed, but it mattered little – the fact that she strolled into such a high-end establishment in her practical inch-high pumps drew withering criticism from every corner of the Internets. Shouldn’t a self-professed champion of the people be hitting up that $34.95 Supercuts special? Would Bernie ever be caught at Bergdorf’s? 

Maybe the corner shop is good enough for you and me – but here’s the thing. No one really cares what our hair looks like – or what Bernie’s hair looks like, for that matter. Clinton has had to be camera-ready every single day of the past 18 months. Is it really so crazy for this woman to make an investment in her hair when she has been living in the spotlight day in and night out? 

And, when it comes to New York City beauty treatments – a $600 haircut isn’t even so crazy.

Just injecting blood in someones face, nbd. (Photo: Alamy)

Take, for example, the popular vampire facial. The $1,500 treatment draws blood from a spa-goer’s arms, and then separates the platelets into plasma that may then be combined with dermal fillers like Restylane or Juvederm, before being re-injected into the face. Manhattanites are lining up for the plumper, more youthful face it promises. If you think you’ve heard of it before, that’s likely because it’s been featured everywhere from The Rachael Ray Show to The Doctors and is available all over Manhattan.

Or may a White Caviar Facial be more your speed? At the La Prairie spa at the Ritz-Carlton on Central Park South, up-towners love to indulge in the trending $1,250 facial that smoothes and brightens the complexion with crushed-up diamonds and fish egg extract. Some even call it “spring cleaning” for the face.

Yum. (Photo: Getty Images)

If your butt needs some TLC, you can try the Fanny Facial at Smooth Synergy in midtown, where for $130, your tush gets lovingly exfoliated by an esthetician with a fine scrub and then microcurrent therapy is administered to lift and tone your derriére. Locals think of it as a “must” before bathing suit season hits.

Truly, a $600 haircut with one of NYC’s leading stylists isn’t that crazy – and experts say it isn’t even the top of the line anymore. “For the average person, $600 is a lot to spend on a haircut, but most celebrities and people in the public eye pay similar or more to have talented stylists and salon owners cut and color their hair,” says Joanna Douglas, longtime beauty editor.

When it comes to hair, many of us experience deep feelings of loyalty to a salon or stylist. NYC salon owner Mark Garrison, who used to work at Bergdorf’s in the 1990s, recalls the then-first lady coming in to her hair done way back then. And while he says three digits are par for course in Manhattan, he says she can get a better deal. “She should be more budget-conscious and come see me, I only charge $385 for a haircut,” he quipped.

At the end of the day, hair-gate is just another catch-22 for Clinton. “If she cut her own hair, they would say she’s taking jobs away from hairdressers,” says beauty industry publicist Jayne Morehouse. “She can’t win.”

So how about we just let the woman get her hair cut in peace?

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