Katy Perry’s Politics Are Loud and Proud

Katy Perry hit the stage at Radio City Music Hall. (Photo: Getty)

When Katy Perry plans an outfit, you know it’s going to be over the top and delightfully campy. Since coming out to formally endorse Hillary Clinton, Perry has naturally sported her share of ostentatious fare in support of the candidate. Last night, she offered her musical talents to a rally for Clinton, performing onstage in a glittering ensemble consisting of striped high-waisted blue-and-white pants with a sparkly tuxedo stripe, an equally blingy red bustier underneath a vest that was red on one side and blue-and-white-striped on the other. She accessorized with a skinny blue belt and blue-and-white sparkly cuffs on each wrist.

Katy Perry loves Hillary Clinton and wants everyone to know it. (Photo: Splash)

Offstage, the singer was spied outside Radio City in another decidedly pro-Hillary ensemble, a T-shirt proclaiming Clinton’s badassery, a pair of flared jeans with a giant American flag pattern, a red belt, black boots, and a blue bandanna tied around her neck. Y’know – typical Katy!

Orlando Bloom leaving Radio City last night. (Photo: Splash)

Perry’s rumored beau, Orlando Bloom, was also seen sniffing around Radio City Music Hall, though his look was way more toned down, in all black save for a pair of brown stompers. Guess he kept it low-key to let his boo’s outfits really shine. We don’t know if Bloom is as die-hard a Clinton supporter as Perry (if he can even vote in this country — Bloom’s from the U.K.), but we know he’s definitely a supporter of his girlfriend’s endeavors.

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