Kylie Jenner Posts the Saddest Face Swap With Kim Kardashian

Over the past couple of years, Kylie Jenner — 18-year-old half sibling of Kim Kardashian et al. — has seemingly morphed from a shy, freckle-faced preteen into her older, heavily contoured big sister. Kardashian once even Instagrammed a doctored photo of her face split with Jenner’s, and the resemblance — inflated lips, overdrawn brows, and all — was uncanny. 

And now, thanks to the wonders of Snapchat, Jenner’s finally gotten what she’s always wanted: the actual face of Kim Kardashian. 

Thursday, KJ and KK got acquainted with Face Swap, the app’s new feature that combines two user faces in strange and confusing ways. If you’ve ever tried it, you know how weird and unsettling the result can be — and if you haven’t, well … typically, it isn’t as seamless as Kardashian and Jenner’s go-round. Or as sad. This Face Swap is so, so sad.

“I think this is the best Face Swap ever!” says the Kim-Kylie hybrid on the left in a chipper voice — which leads to Jenner’s rather depressing, trembling confession: “I’ve always want to look like you.” End Snap. 

Needless to say, Kardashian does not return the compliment. 

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