Meet Honey Bee, The Blind Cat Who Lets Nothing Get In Her Way

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Despite being completely blind, Honey Bee loves to go hiking. She likes the feeling of being in the wilderness, listening to nature, and occasionally tasting it too.

She is a cat like no other. Where any other kitty might choose to lounge around the house and drink milk, Honey Bee — who was adopted from Animals Fiji — prefers to accompany her 2 humans on long hikes. She is a true nature enthusiast.

Who says only dogs like to go for walks?

Dogs are man’s best friend: They go everywhere with you. But Honey Bee does too!

“I’m not lazy, I’m just enjoying the ride a bit too much.”


Honey Bee can’t see, so she compensates by listening closely.


Hiking goes a bit slower with Honey Bee because there are so many smells and sounds everywhere.


Keeping hydrated is the key to a successful hike.


Honey, bee-lieve in yourself, and you can climb the highest mountain.


Posing by Barclay lake.




Honey Bee starring in her own full-length movie (ok, it’s just a YouTube video).

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