Merry Christmas, Furry Friends, We Hope You Like Your Presents!

1.) Pups are the most enthusiastic of the bunch, by far.

2.) “But…where’s MY toy?”

3.) “Finally, it’s my turn to open my prezzy…

4.) “I don’t need your help! I can open it myself.”

5.) There’s nothing quite like Christmas morning.

6.) Cats, on the other hand, aren’t as keen on conforming to our strange, human traditions.

7.) They prefer the mountains of torn paper over anything else.

8.) …And the boxes.

9.) “Oh, another toy mouse. I mean, I kinda wanted that catnip bunny. But, this is cool, I guess…”

10.) “Not into it. Don’t know what to tell you.”

11.) “So much paper! Not moving ever.”

12.) Sometimes, though, they’d just prefer to BE the present.

13.) Ok, primates are where it gets tricky.

14.) But sometimes, they are not so into the tradition.

15.) “Dude. What is this?”

16.) Birds, much like cats, are more into the wrapping than the gift itself.

17.) Hamsters are in a league of their own when it comes to cuteness. What can even be in that little box??

18.) “Chocolate coins? For ME?!”


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