Meryl Streep’s Never Looked More Delicious!

An Instagram account called Taste of Streep, dedicated to showing Meryl Streep with various types of food, is taking the Internet by storm. Streep on top of avocado toast, Streep peeping out of a pile of Twinkies, Streep waving from a cheese plate — it’s all there. The account, which has nearly 30,000 followers, has posted 58 of these tasty creations. 

All the posts, which have racked up thousands of likes and hundreds of comments, are thoughtfully composed, with Streep’s outfit often matching the food she’s featured with. The photos are still shots from Streep’s movies. You’ll recognize her Devil Wears Prada getup as she hovers over a Samoa Girl Scout cookie. To truly test your Streep know-how, see how many other films you can identify.

Yahoo Style spoke with Samantha Raye, the 25-year-old genius/foodie/actor/freelance graphic designer by the viral sensation.

It just sort of happened one afternoon messing around on Photoshop. I don’t even remember why, but I took this great pink photo of her in She-Devil (1989) and put it on a strawberry frosted doughnut. Two things adored by millions: Meryl Streep and food. It wasn’t until a few months later that I actually started the account (January 2016), and I sort of woke up one morning and just decided to do it. I never thought that this would catch on…ever. It’s so surreal.

I guess my inspiration stems from the two things that I am the most passionate about in life, the art of acting and food. There are so many great actors that I admire, and I could go on for reams about each one. But come on, Meryl Streep tops everyone’s list. And in addition to her incredible performances, her fundamentals of what it takes to be an actor really resonate with me. From what I’ve seen in interviews, she has a killer sense of humor and a love of life. No apologies for who she is, and honestly, I think she seems unbelievably cool. Pair that with food, and you’ve got one stellar combo. 

The photo that has generated the most attention is definitely the Chicken Streeps. A fan favorite for sure.

Chicken streeps (get it?). (Photo: @tasteofstreep/Instagram)

Currently, all of the images on @tasteofstreep have been created by me, but I am always open to suggestions from anyone! I haven’t received any of my own fan art yet…but I’d love to see some!

Editor’s note: Raye also offered up this unsolicited gem:

I leave you with a quote from her acceptance speech for Best Actress at the 2010 Critics Choice awards, “I really love what I do, I love acting. And I love to work. And I love food, and I love sex.” Literal #goals

(Photo: @tasteofstreep/Instagram)

(Photo: @tasteofstreep/Instagram)

(Photo: @tasteofstreep/Instagram)

(Photo: @tasteofstreep/Instagram)

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