Paul McCartney in Paris

Sir Paul McCartney outside the Stella McCartney show in Paris, Photo: Getty Images

“Hello, hi!” says Sir Paul McCartney as he trots through the Palais Garnier in Paris. He’s being buffered by security guards, but that doesn’t stop fans from reaching out to shake his hand, high five him, or—in the case of one brave Insta-soldier (the oddball chanteuse Petite Meller) cornering him into a selfie. Mr. McCartney gladly obliges, even asking “did you get it?” before allowing himself to be whisked away by the large men in tight black suits. Amazing.

Before he left, Mr. McCartney gave a thumbs-up (literally) to his daughter Stella’s latest collection, a dreamy mix of swan-print knitwear, quilted parkas in various shades of lollipop, and—yay!—tons of cute shoes with no heels.

Stella McCartney fall 2016, Photo: Getty Images

There were also silk bomber jackets embroidered with fuzzy animals, and Kenya Kinski-Jones got to wear one before they even hit the catwalk. As the new face of the new Stella McCartney fragrance POP, KKJ was on hand to sit front row—"and I don’t think you guys understand how exciting this is for me,“ she said backstage. "I have loved Stella McCartney FOREVER. It’s not like we’re friends or anything, so when she picked me for this campaign, I actually screamed.”

Kinski-Jones grew up in California with two horses, four dogs, and two cats, and shares a competitive equestrian background with Stella herself. “The fact that I get to be the face of a brand that’s also cruelty free is awesome. I was actually concerned when I started modeling that I’d be asked to wear things that weren’t… you know… animal friendly.” She’s in the clear on that one: the runway collection is 100% vegan, and so are the beauty products used on the models, including a Sunday Riley flash facial with Tidal Cream, a sort of secret weapon for glowy skin that’s got fruit enzymes as part of its formula.

“I need whatever they put on the models,” Kinski-Jones laughs. “I just got off a plane from LA. I’m not exactly photo shoot ready.”

The paparazzi outside clearly disagreed.

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