People Say This Special Nursing Home Cat Can Sense Death Before It Happens

Since Oscar was adopted by nursing home as a kitten, he has accurately predicted the deaths of more than 50 residents.

When Oscar senses that a patient is near death he goes into their room, and curls up with them on the bed until they pass on.

Oscar’s remarkable ability has baffled the facility’s doctors and nurses. But this cat has not been wrong yet.

Staff have tried to test Oscar’s ability to predict death, and he has always come out on top. Sometimes he even proves them wrong, by cuddling up with a resident that they wouldn’t have thought was close to death, but passed away soon after.

Some might see Oscar as a harbinger of bad luck. However, the residents, and staff see him as more of a comfort. The residents and their families can be assured that they won’t be alone in case they move on suddenly from this life. Oscar will be there.

There are a number of theories about how Oscar is able to sense death coming. Some believe that Oscar may actually be able to “smell” death coming in the form of ketones, which are biochemicals given off by dying cells.


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