Rick Owens Hairballs Paris Fashion Week 2016

Rick Owens is well known for creating shocking moments at fashion week and his Spring 2016 collection is no exception. He often employs some accessory or styling along with his collections that grab the eye, creating a viral moment. This season, it was the hairball.

The collection, dubbed by Owens this season as Mastodon, is meant to give us an evolutionary warning. The looks, loose and baggy, saw hair draped into them, giving the presentation an overall vibe of, “What if Wilma Flintstone wore couture?” 

The matted hair swimming around the heads of select models blocked our view of their faces, as well as their view of the audience; an apt commentary both on the current world political scene and climate-change deniers. It’s Idiocracy meets Caveman and Rick Owens is ready to dress us for this dire new future.

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Owens recounted a story to the that must have influenced the shape of this hair. It’s not a helmet, it’s a beehive, much like one he found on his roof that he came to find out was installed by his wife.

This blown-back center part with rough texture is at once reminiscent of how a hippie earth mother might wear her hair and in the style of a terrifying, unkempt witch of folklore. 

This stunningly draped, texturally appealing dress is set off by a fluffy cotton ball of hair that balances the heavy feeling of the sculptural garment.

The dress Owens shows here requires an elaborate hair complement, because on it’s own it is so unusual. The draping of the material on top, more often seen on puffy winter coats, next to an above-the-elbow glove and long skirt would make a ponytail look like nothing at all. Instead, it’s garnished with a crown of hair, delicately placed atop as the crowning glory of an intense look.

A topless dress gets a touch of femininity here not from the color or material, but the wispy ends of the model’s almost bouffant hair. It is possible there’s a bump-it in there, giving her lift?

The hair is out as far as her shoulder pads, with a washed out color and brushed-out perm look that mimics the textures we saw in the glorious ‘80s. It’s total call back is to the time before hairbrushes.

What goes better with a long coat than long hair? Owens pairs his tan and black multi-material fall coat with long, crazy locks, obscuring the model’s view and giving the viewer a sense of heaviness many of his other looks lacked.

The eye-catcher in this hair look is the small sun of dark color right in the center of the blonde model’s head, accentuated by a center part and blown-back locks. It gives her, and the look, the appearance of perpetually moving forward. 

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