Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik Designed Boots That Will Get Women Kidnapped

Manolo Blahnik and Rihanna. Photo: Courtesy 

Who could’ve guessed that Rihanna would find her second calling as a footwear designer? Already in the midst of an extremely successful sneaker collaboration with Puma — both her creepers and trainers have been sell-outs, and she hosted her first Puma ready-to-wear show at New York Fashion Week — the pop star has now focused her gaze on something a bit pricier, and plenty more outrageous: A capsule collection with Manolo Blahnik. 

Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik “Sea Salt”

Called ‘Denim Desserts,’ the collaboration is comprised of six limited edition styles of heels, to be available in only three Manolo Blahnik stores worldwide — London, New York, and Hong Kong — and they’ll be priced from $895 to $3995. 

Of course, this being Rihanna, these heels aren’t your typical go-with-everything pumps. Each shoe involves elements of embroidery and embellishments inspired by Rih’s own intricate tattoos, and of course, lots of denim.

Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik “Dancehall Cowgirl”

So far, we’ve previewed four of the six styles: There’s the “Sea Salt,” a pointy toe mule-style pump in light denim with a sequined overlay and thin ankle strap, the “Rih-vi’s,” a dark denim sandal with embellished toe strap, the “Dancehall Cowgirl,” a lace-up stiletto bootie with beading around the shaft, and the pièce de résistance, the “9 to 5″: a waist-high, dark denim stiletto boot with a jewel-encrusted belt attached. They’re basically the footwear version of ass-less chaps.

And if you’re brave enough to wear those babies, Rihanna, herself, has got a warning for you. “Those boots are dangerous!” she says. “If you’re trying to get back home to your bed, don’t wear them boots! You will get kidnapped in those boots, those boots are trouble.” 

Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik “9 to 5”

So… maybe don’t wear those boots, after all? 

Then again, if you are willing to risk your life and safety in order to wear Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik shoes — and if social media fame is your thing — it may just pay off in the end: Rih has personally promised to run up to any woman she sees wearing her shoes and demand they take a selfie together.

“The day I see a woman in the street wearing my shoes… I am sorry for that woman because I’m going to literally run after her, shouting, ‘Stop! Selfie! Who are you? Where did you get them?’ I’m going to have a moment!” 

Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik “Rih-vi’s”

The Rihanna x Manolo Blahnik collection will be available to buy in Manolo Blahnik stores in London, New York, and Hong Kong on May 5. 

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