Saint Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital Means Seriously Adorable Buisness

Saint Tiggywinkles is named after the Beatrix Potter character, Mrs. Tiggy-winkle.

Hedgehogs often get caught in drains, nets, and traps.

Saint Tiggywinkles gives great advice on how to care for an injured hedgehog, should you come across one on your own.

Meet Rupert, one of the center’s most famous patients.

His mother was unfortunately hit by a car while she was pregnant. She couldn’t be saved, but little Rupert was delivered prematurely by C-section.

He was so premature that he couldn’t even open his eyes or suckle, but he was kept under 24-hour watch in an incubator.

Sadly, though everything was done to save him, Rupert didn’t make it.

His story is a reminder that every creature deserves a chance at life, no matter how small.

Saint Tiggywinkles is currently treating nearly 1,500 wild animals at its facility.

This little guy is so small!

So either make sure you get the proper information on how to approach a situation…

She’s got her hand full!

This little bird wants to remind you ONE more time to make sure to exercise caution when approaching a wild animal, because even though YOU know that you want to help, HIS instinct is to flee from you.

Look at those eyes!


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