She Asked Him To Watch Her Plant For 4 Days. This Is What Happened.

What do you do when your co-worker asks you to look after her plant for 4 days? Leave it on your desk and dutifully water it? Take it home and do the same?

Not this IT guy from Augusta, Georgia. Either he really likes plants, or he really has the hots for his co-worker, because he took the term ‘looking after’ to a whole new level. We suspect it’s the former, of course.

He and his co-worker’s philodendron had an absolute ball: They had fun at the park, learnt how to drive, and just chatted over a coffee.

“I like my coffee strong and black.”

Bonding in the office canteen.

Drank a bit too much coffee…

Time for a short stroll.

That Titanic scene <3

This was never going to go well.

Lightsaber battle!

Hard at work.

Foosball time.

Philodendron controlling this very successful slideshow presentation.


Lion King.

Water guns in the office? This guy is getting too big for his boots.

Classic boy gaming time.


Back to home sweet home.


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