State Department Issues Spring Break Warning for the Unattractive

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Nothing personal, but the State Department wants you to keep in mind just how attractive you are while traveling abroad for spring break. I mean, if you’re not a “10” over here, then you aren’t over there either! That was the exact message that went out in a tweet from the @TravelGov account on Wednesday afternoon.

The tweet, which has since been deleted (but screenshots live forever), read:

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Twitter didn’t take kindly to being called an uggo, and responded with cries of sexism.

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Of course, it being Twitter, there were also jokes. Lots and lots of jokes.

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The account apologized for the tweet later, saying:

The State Department’s account has a lot of fearmongery advice (seriously, whose mom posting these tweets?!), and really, really wants to make #springbreakingbadly happen. But it’s also packed with healthful information for overseas travelers, and they seem to very sincerely want to help people avoid overseas emergencies. They share reports of violence and protests overseas, advising U.S. travelers to avoid those areas, and offer guidance for getting a passport.

They are right about one thing – foreign jail is not where anyone wants to spend spring break.

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