Ten celebrities who got no problem showing their female parts

Ten celebrities who got no problem showing their female parts

There is a basic difference between the human race and the animal world. The difference is that humans do not like to display their private parts in public whereas animals do not have the thinking capacity to do so. However, fashion demands that celebrities expose as much of their body, not necessarily their private parts. The designers design their dress keeping this point in mind. Nevertheless, wardrobe malfunctions do happen frequently. It may be accidental or sometimes intentional to hog the limelight.



We present herewith a list of ten celebrities who did not have any problem while displaying their private parts in public. This is a list in alphabetical order and no other order of preference.

  • Adrienne Bailon




You can call this slip a wardrobe malfunction or an intentional display, any way you wish to look at it. If you look at the background behind the incident, you would get a clearer picture. Adrienne Bailon had just publicly declared that she does not wear her underwear most of the time. People may have treated this talk as a publicity gimmick. However, during a particular talk show, maybe the wind pushed one side of her dress entirely, exposing her private parts to that section of the audience. On scrutiny, it revealed that her dress was just hanging over the inner sheet she was wearing. You can draw your own conclusions.


  • Anne Hathaway



You have every right to term this incident as a wardrobe malfunction. Anne Hathaway was just exiting out of her vehicle while attending the premiere show of ‘Les Miserables’. She was wearing a tight outfit without any underwear beneath. The dress was stuck to her car seat making it difficult for her to exit from the car. She did not realize that she was exposing her private parts until the photographers had captured it all on their cameras. Maybe, that night she might have felt miserable.


  • Britney Spears



Courting controversy is nothing new to Britney Spears. She has always had her share of controversies right since the time she exploded on the stage as a teenage sensation. She has a terrible knack of keeping the photographers happy, as she would repeatedly expose her private parts whenever she used to get out from her car. Photographers have captured such instances many times in the past. Maybe, this might be her way of staying in the limelight.


  • Iggy Azalea



There was a time when talent was the only criterion for success. However, the scene is different today. You require a bit of sensationalism to go along with your talent. Iggy Azalea was in fact, quite new to the music industry when this incident happened. She attended the European Music Awards 2013 with an outrageous dress that was sure to expose her private parts in case she chose not to wear her underwear. She precisely did that exposing everything to the audience. In fact, she later went on Instagram with the picture stating that the so-called mishap did not bother her at all.


  • Kendall Jenner



Kendall Jenner had been living under the shadow of her more illustrious half sister, Kin Kardashian. However, she is a talent in her own right. She does have her unique ways of dressing that can display her private parts anytime she wishes to do so. Maybe, this outrageous display is what brings her the popularity that she craves.


  • Kirsten Dunst




Celebrities have to be extra careful while coming out in the open world. They have the photographers following them everywhere. You expect them to expect this fact that the photographers are always ready to catch them in the most awkward of situations. They caught Kirsten Dunst once while getting out of her car. Though wearing her underwear, the dress was not enough to conceal her private parts.


  • Lady Gaga




Seeing Lady Gaga in the buff would not be a surprise to many. She has intentionally exposed many a time. However, during an event in 2013, this malfunction even caught the Lady unawares. She had an awkward dress that night. When she raised one hand to place it alongside her neck, one of her breasts stood exposed to the maximum. This was unintentional of course. However, she could not prevent the photographers from catching these moments. Naturally, the Lady did not show any remorse, as she has the experience of exposing everything before the public.


  • Lindsay Lohan



Lindsay Lohan manages to be in the news for all the wrong reasons every time. It could be alcohol, drugs, or driving too fast. However, she also manages to live life in the fast lane. Many a time, photographers have caught her exposing her private parts in public. It happened once too often at an event in the Chateau Marmont in 2007. She may have chosen to wear a classy dress. However, she preferred to go braless making her expose her breasts at a particular angle. She later on blamed the photographers for the malfunction. However, given her past records, people barely believed her.


  • Paris Hilton



Paris Hilton too has the knack of doing the wrong things at the right time. She is undoubtedly attractive. However, she does court her share of controversies. She may have an impeccable dress sense. Nevertheless, she arrived at one particular event with an outrageous dress that she barely managed to keep in check from exposing her private parts. Maybe, this might be her way of drawing the attention of the audience towards her.



  • Rihanna



Rihanna is an outstanding singer. There is no doubt about that. In addition, she has a tremendous figure to boot. She usually does not need to resort to unnatural methods to garner publicity. However, the lure of the lights has not spared her too. She frequently dresses in such a way that exposes much of her curves and much more. However, you must give her the credit for shining like a Barbadian diamond every time she lights up the stage with her looks and figure.

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