Ten Highest Paid YouTube Stars

10 Highest Paid YouTube Stars


The accurate list of the top YouTube earners was released by Forbes recently sending out the filmmakers list who have been minting good money from their home production videos. YouTube was launched in 2005 as a platform to upload videos. The young generation started using it to earn money via sponsored ads and videos, and they have moved up to make their living from YouTube payments. They have been pronounced as digital celebrities. Forbes list has been let out after proper evaluation of taxes and other sources.

  1. Rosanna Pansino


She learned cooking all by herself and had one the nerdiest cookery channels on YouTube. She has over 6,300,000 subscribers to her YouTube Channel and released her first cook book, “The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in All of Us” in November 2015. It was listed in the New York Times Best Sellers list. She is multi-talented and has acted in a YouTube animation series and also released her first song “Perfect Together” in February 2015. The song has a hit count of 11 million viewers and always increasing. The average views received for her cookery channel is estimated at 75 million per month.

  1. Roman Atwood


He has been tagged to be the most appalling prankster on the web with his humorous pranks. He has over 9 million subscribers and a total of about 1.28 billion viewers from his 97 hidden cam prank videos which have been going live since 2009. He had even done a weird prank of trying to kill his toddler to capture his girlfriend’s reaction. Most of the pranks are rather humorous than horrifying. Nissan accepted this popularity and the company hired him for their ads in January. He even has his online store that is making good profits selling sweatshirts, water bottles, etc. He earns a profit of $2.5 million

  1. Lilly Singh


She loves to rant and makes funny videos, and comedy sketches and posts it through her popular YouTube Channel widely known as SuperWoman. She earns around $3 million from 9 million subscribers. Her videos have received over 1 billion views since she joined YouTube in 2010. She is an Indo-Canadian comedian who is rather outspoken, and you can see out of the way videos like “Types of Poop.” The videos are composed of everyday life complaints, comparisons, and people’s reactions. Most of her videos have the Punjabi feel in them.

  1. Michelle Phan


She is the most loved by women for her hair and makeup tutorials through over 350 videos. She has 8.5 million subscribers and 1.2 billion views. She entered YouTube Video channel in 2007 after her blog which gave makeup instructions became popular. She is well known for providing those tricky makeovers to give you the celebrity look-alike. The most popular video which explained how to have your eyes look like Lady Gaga was an instant hit. She is a young entrepreneur and has her cosmetic brand and Ipsy. Her profit is estimated to be about $3 million from YouTube.

  1. KSI


KSI has been making a profit of about $4.5 million from YouTube with his impressive skills. His actual name is Olajide ‘JJ’ Olatunji, and he is popular by his YouTube name. His channel has received over 2.6 billion views since he joined in 2009 with over 13 million subscribers. He had called it KSI against a gaming community which he was a part of. His first love has been for games and football, and his first videos were commentaries of video games that he played. At the age of 23, this teenager has stepped into music career as a rapper. The first videos were again about football, and he has also done some guest appearances on other music videos.

  1. Rhett & Link


In the list of teenagers, Rhett McLaughlin, and Charles Lincoln Neal are making their way through in their late 30’s. The duo is long time friends who hold engineering degrees from North Carolina and stepped into YouTube video production after having worked on a good salary in corporate companies. They have some high paying video ad sources like advertising videos of Gillette, Wendy’s and even Toyota. They have a morning talk show on their YouTube Channel, “ Good Mythical Mornings” which is becoming a significant hit after their several other hit lists like Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings. They call themselves to be ‘intertainers’ and have over 4.1 million subscribers leading to 6.3 billion views and $4.5 million as profit on YouTube.

  1. Lindsey Stirling


This dancing singer plays violin all at the same time, and people love her for her talents. Her first music video failed to gain a label in 2007, and she resorted to YouTube to get her skills to the forefront. And she has been rather successful at that with about 8 million subscribers and about 1.4 billion views since she stepped into YouTube Videos. Her latest music video ‘Shatter Me’ is just out now in the stores and has gained a place in Billboard 200 rating. It is her second musical album. She has become a musical sensation with several awards and collaborations to her credit. This young girl makes over $6 million in profit from YouTube.

3.The Fine Brothers



Benny and Rafi Fine became popular with their React series where they captured on video of kids, teens, elders and YouTubers reactions to various viral videos. They have been posting videos on YouTube since 2004 and are considered to be the first YouTube stars. Their subscriber list has reached 14 million with over 3 billion views till date. They now have their production company, Fine Brothers Entertainment. The brothers make an average of $8.5 million from YouTube. They faced some issues over licensing their new channel named ‘React’.

  1. Smosh


Anthony Padilla began by posting humorous animations through NewGrounds and was later joined in by his friend Ian Andrew Hecox. They then moved from Newgrounds to YouTube in 2005. The channel now has about 22 million subscribers viewing the multitude of humorous videos and new ones getting frequently added to keep the subscribers entertained. They make about 8.5 million dollars. They began by producing live action videos based on Pokemon games and they now have five channels and even an app.

  1. PewDiePie


This foul-mouthed video game commentator has his super hit YouTube Channel – “playing videogames with your bros”. His real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg and is a Swedish comedian. While he was in University in 2010, he signed the account PewDiePie and started posting commentaries of video games. His parents were against his decision of dropping out college to concentrate on his YouTube channel and now this 26-year-old lad makes $12 million from YouTube. He has 45 million subscribers and 12 billion views.


The number of views and subscribers is increasing every single day adding up several dollars. Are you planning to start a YouTube Channel?



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