The Beautiful Earthscapes Of Andres Amador Are Temporary Brilliance

Not only is this large, beautiful creation temporary…

But it was made from material found in the Earth…and that will go back to the Earth.

Every high tide will wash away Andres’s work.

That doesn’t stop him from spending so much of his life creating temporary masterpieces.

This is an example of one of his geometric shapes.

The second kind of pattern that Andres creates is more organic.

It seems to grow and flow naturally. It is perfect in its own way.

But the focus isn’t on exact angles or spacing.

There is beauty in what seems to flow naturally from Andres and into the ground.

It’s like the sand tells Andres what to do, and he happily complies.

To take the pictures of the breathtaking tableaux, Andres uses a drone.

He flies the camera high above the beach so he can take photographs of his finished work.

…If he can manage it before the tide rolls in, that is.


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