The Beauty Trend Sofía Vergara Brought Back to the Oscars

It has already been noted that metallic eyeshadow, visible roots, and French manicures are among the current beauty trends back from ’90s. Now it seems that body glitter — which coated Sofía Vergara’s flawless skin at the Oscars Sunday night — may be joining the resurgence.  

As blogger Brit Morin noted, “While some might argue that Sofía’s subtle glimmer on the red carpet indicates more of a ‘shimmer,’ perhaps in lotion form, we know our fave 1998 beauty staple when we see it, and, boy, oh, boy, we saw it as Sofía took the stage as an Oscars presenter.”

Indeed, body glitter — which entails shiny particles being chunkier than those of a more diffused shimmer — did appear to be dusted across the entire surface of Vergara’s dewy arms, neck, and décolletage, to gorgeous effect.

While its trendiness has waxed and waned over the decades, popping into edgy, public view on David Bowie’s face as Ziggy Stardust, thanks to Pierre La Roche, in the early 1970s and then dispersing across the faces of glam-rock, glam-metal, and punk musicians and fans through the ’80s. By the 1990s, there was an all-out “sparkle epidemic,” according to at least one account, as glitter products were marketed to mainstream teens.

At the Oscars. (Photo: Getty Images)

Now comes Vergara’s smeared-on sparkle, close on the heels of Demi Lovato covering herself in a custom blend of shimmering glimmer at a red carpet event in Toronto.  

Glitter, though, tends to have more of a striking impact. “More theatrical, more eye-catching,” New York City-based makeup artist Ahbi Nishman tells Yahoo Beauty. “With Sofía Vergara, the deep color of her navy dress combined with her body shimmer/glitter emphasized the color in a lovely manner.”

Though she’s not personally a huge fan of glitter, Nishman notes that a more subtle shimmer, when strategically applied, “can be great for showing definition of muscle shape and bone structure,” such as toned arms or a beautiful clavicle. And choosing wisely from a variety of colors, such as gold, rose gold, or copper, she says, can “complement the color of an outfit and emphasize skin tone.”

But what glittered for Vergara, who could pull off anything from big hair to blue eyeshadow, was truly gold.

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