The Best 2-in-1 Products in Estée Lauder’s Massive New Line

When beauty giant Estée Lauder launches a new line, you know it’s going to be big. Just how big is a little astounding: The Estée Edit, an 82-piece product line launching on March 15, includes everything from brow pencils and brightening powder to glitter eyeshadow and teeth-whitening lip gloss. (You can gaze at previews on Sephora now, while you wait.)

The Estée Edit is millennial-focused and proud of it: The makeup comes packaged in crisp white and poppy blue (all the better for Instagramming your #haul), and fronted by social-media star “guest editors” Kendall Jenner and Irene Kim. But the younger focus clearly doesn’t mean a lower price; items range from $22 for a lipstick or brow pencil to $50 for face creams and balms. So what’s a beauty lover to do? Go for the makeup that offers two results in one product, of course. And we’re not talking lipstick that you can MacGyver into cheek stain — these are real, honest-to-goodness twofers. Here are our four top picks:

 is a dynamic duo that does what it says: moisturizes for a naturally glowing complexion, and adds a little extra sparkle where you need it. Pop open one cap to lather on the thinner, illuminating lotion for everyday shine (matte-lovers, this is not for you), and flip open the other for what looks like a highlighter stick that won’t twist up — you have to dab at it. Use the two together and you’ll be Snapchat-ready in no time. 

The lines eyes and works as a shadow (plus it’s a crayon, our favorite art-utensil-turned-makeup of the moment), for a monotone eye experience. Use vertically to line, and horizontally to blend as a shadow.

The stick lines eyes as well, but the finish is more of a powder than with the Shadowstick. This means it works best on brows (defines and fills arches in one fell swoop), but the softer stick does make for a killer brown smokey eye. Warning, though — it does have a little sparkle to it.

Now meet the . On their own, they look like stage makeup — deep black and McDonald’s yellow. But when paired with another lip shade (and there are many — everything from strawberry red to a deep forest green), they either tone the color up or down. Yellow turns raspberry pink to strawberry:

Black, meanwhile, vamps it up into a darker, more purple shade:

We know — you could just simply buy two different lipsticks rather than layering. But isn’t this more fun?

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