The Struggle Is So Real For These 26 Hilarious Animals Stuck On Patches Of Ice

1.) “I totally meant to do that. Nothing to see here.”

2.) “Okay, I’m ready to stop now! Why am I not stopping?!”

3.) *Face-plant*

4.) “What, you can’t do this?”

5.) This little guy is better at cartwheels on ice than I am on solid ground…

6.) “Maybe I’ll just sit down and slide the rest of the way…”

7.) “I just want to know WHY I can’t catch this fish!”

8.) “Seriously, what kind of hocus-pocus is this?”

9.) “I don’t know about this…”

10.) “Annnddd, I quit.”

11.) This pup won’t let a little bit of ice stop him from being a world-class fetch champion.

12.) This cat won’t let ice stop her, either.

13.) “It’s harder than it looks, guys!”

14.) Ice: 1, Pup: 0.

15.) Just keep running, just keep running.

16.) “You’ve got it all wrong, just take it easy.”

17.) Work with your ice-dancing partner, too.

18.) “Since when is my Frisbee so slippery?”

19.) “Why must you insist on tossing the bread on the ice?”

20.) “I got the stick! I got the stick! I can’t stop! I got the stick!”

21.) What happens when the bird feeder is covered in ice?
Pole dancing for squirrels.

22.) If you can’t handle the water, get off of the half frozen-over pool.

23.) “Get it together, Carol! The in-laws are coming.”

24.) Rude.

25.) “Heeerre fishy fishy.”

26.) “Almost there…almost there.”


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