These 6 DIY Gadgets Aren’t What You Need, They’re Exactly What You Want.

1.) Frankenstein Light Switch – Imagine walking into your room and turning on the lights with one of these things. So cool!

It takes a little electrical know-how and some craftsmanship, but this would be an awesome project.

2.) Steampunk Keyboard – Regular keyboards are so boring. Give this DIY Steampunk keyboard a shot.

Of course you’ll need to pull apart an old keyboard, but if you find a cheap one that still functions, you’ll have a sweet Steampunk keyboard in no time.

3.) VHS Player Toaster  – This is definitely the product of an ingenious mind. Or a crazy one. Or the mind of an ingenious crazy person. Anyway, this is awesome.

This one definitely will take some handy work, but how cool would it be to have a VHS player that makes you toast? What else are you going to do with that old VHS player sitting in your house?

4.) Lightsaber – I like to think that it is everyone’s dream to own a lightsaber. Now we can all have one!

It’s actually a pretty simple project, and one that I would recommend everyone pursue.

5.) Solar-Powered Mini Radio – This is some MacGyver level stuff. This little radio requires very simple ingredients, including a mint container.

In case you’re in a jam and need a radio, or just want to kick back to some sweet tunes, this DIY project is for you.

6.) Night Bike – This is an awesome idea. A glow-in-the-dark bike is something that would make bikers much more safe at night, and it’s easy to make.

Of course you need a ton of glow paint. Make sure you don’t spill it on the floor!


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