These Adorable Kids Are Beyond Awful At Playing Hide And Seek

1.) Not a bad idea, but could have used a little more towel.

2.) “Wow. We really need to get Stacy a new mattress…oh, wait, she’s hiding.”

3.) If you’re not going to be good at hide and seek, you might as well be warm and entertained.

4.) Okay, so he’s not the brightest bulb.

5.) Well, you’re halfway there.

6.) “Hm, something seems to be a little different about that stuffed alligator leaning against the wall.”

7.) Looks like it’s curtains on this round of hide and seek.

8.) At least they look comfortable.

9.) Okay, let’s build on this hiding place, shall we?

10.) Not only is it a hiding place, it also doubles as something to cry into when you’ve been discovered.

11.) They knew something was up when they saw that the robe wasn’t balled up on the bathroom floor.

12.) At least they have each other.

13.) Not your best work, kid.

14.) Looks like the feet led to defeat.

15.) You just can’t contain that much cuteness.

16.) There’s certainly a blind spot in his logic.

17.) This kid actually looks like an expert in hiding compared to the others.

18.) Should’ve tried hiding underneath the bookshelf.



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