These Charming Dogs Are Much Better At Picking Up Ladies Than You Will Ever Be

1.) Gimme smooches.

2.) Cute couple selfie!

3.) You checking out my girl, bro?!

4.) A little privacy, please?

5.) Take a picture. It’ll last longer.

6.) The look of disinterest is astounding.

7.) Oh, you dog.

8.) The sweetest look away from the camera.

9.) French kisses.

10.) Celebrities don’t phase him.

11.) Come here, boo, and gimme a kiss.

12.) That’s passion right there.

13.) One at a time, ladies. There’s enough to go around for everybody.

14.) There’s nothing to see here. I’m the star.

15.) This dog knows what’s up.

16.) You have to go to yoga with her to really impress her.

17.) She said, “YES!”


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