These Detailed Pieces Of Origami Look Like They’re About To Come To Life

These pieces of origami are absolutely amazing. I can’t imagine the skill it took to create these.

This dinosaur origami is awesome. It even has ridges in the sail on its back.

This origami is so detailed. It looks like it’s about to come to life!

Here’s a take on an origami design a lot of people start out with: the swan.

These paper figurines really are beautiful, both in their construction and their presentation.

I’ve seen origami before, but never anything even close to this. This one is just incredible.

While a little bid morbid, this origami grim reaper is still amazing. Look at the detail in the face!

This must have taken forever. The amount of time and effort put into each of these pieces of art is astounding. This one looks like something out of a fairy tale.


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