These Dogs Are Literally Flying, And It’s The Funniest Thing You’ll See All Day.

1.) “Brace for landing.”

2.) I didn’t even know dogs could jump that high.

3.) Flying through the air, and still keeping it classy.

4.) This dog has the best dreadlocks I’ve ever seen.

5.) Coming in for a landing!

6.) I don’t think I’ve ever see a dog make such a hilarious face.

7.) “Where is the treat I was just promised?”

8.) Putting on a serious face for the camera.

9.) Those eyes are staring into your soul…

10.) Getting some serious air on this jump.

11.) So fluffy!

12.) This guy is so ready for that treat.

13.) If you forget that this dog is jumping, it kind of looks like he’s trying to do a Frankenstein walk.

14.) This little doggie is all smiles.

15.) This dog might be the cutest one on the whole list.


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