Things That We Don’t Have, But We Most Definitely Needed Yesterday

1.) So. Simple.

2.) Because I want to be able to make disgusting microwave food at 3am and not have everyone in the house judging me.

3.) This would definitely make getting into my car on a sun-drenched summer afternoon less hazardous.

4.) What does a “Check Engine” light really mean?

5.) Why don’t you understand that if I’m wearing sunglasses and headphones, I don’t want to talk about your doll collection?

6.) Think of how much water you’d save!

7.) This has to be a thing soon.

8.) Um, yes please.

9.) This is very necessary.

10.) This just makes so much sense.

11.) My mind has been blown. This would be awesome for students and teachers.

12.) This would be so awesome.


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