This Artist Takes Doodling To New Heights With His Extremely Detailed Sketches

These sketches by Kerby Rosanes are absolutely incredible. The amount of detail in each doodle is mesmerizing.

Most of these sketches aren’t drawn to be realistic, but are rather abstract or surreal.

I never thought I’d see an octopus depicted so beautifully.

This one is chock full of amazing detail. So awesome.

Here’s a beautiful sketch of a centaur with a bow and arrow. If you looked closely, you can see the shapes of foxes within the curling flames behind the centaur.

This doodle is a commentary on the ways in which industrialization affects the natural environment.

These sketches can be very fanciful, too. Here’s one of a young girl carried by a stork.

This is an amazing sketch, and one that seems to somehow incorporate different parts of the entire world in its minute details.

This is another sketch making a sobering statement on how humans are affecting the environment.


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