This Bird Might Look Cute, But It’s Actually A Vicious Killer That Will Eat Your Brains

Meet the great tit bird. Cute, right?

Meet the great tit’s victims. Not so cute.

Don’t worry, they usually only feed on nuts and seeds. They use their extremely sharp beaks to pierce through the shells.

When fighting for food with other birds, the tit tends to get a little murderous. Its signature move is piercing through skulls and then eating the brains of its rivals.

In some cases, tits are seen flying while carrying the body of a bird they’ve killed. They then drop the body from high up to make sure that their victim is really dead.

Their small size makes it easy for them to get stuck in various manmade structures. When freed, the birds have been known to fly back and attack their human savior out of blind revenge.


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