This Brutal Double Murder From The Past Was Committed By ‘Real’ Vampires

The cult was known as the “Vampire Clan,” and led by this man, Rod Ferrell. Ferrell, who was 16-years-old at the time of the murders, actually believed himself to be a 500-year-old vampire named Vesago.

The victims were Naomi Ruth Queen, and Richard Wendorf, pictured below. Their daughter, Heather Wendorf was a long-time friend of Ferrell’s who had run away from home. She described her home life there as “hell,” which Ferrell decided to fix.

Ferrell and fellow cult member Howard Anderson entered the home of Naomi and Richard in Florida through their unlocked garage. Once inside, Ferrell beat both Naomi and Richard to death with a crowbar.

After the deed was done, Ferrell along with Anderson, Wendorf, and Charity Keesee (another clan member), headed to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to escape the police.

Luckily, the police had been tipped off by Keesee’s mother and knew the cult members’ location. They were arrested in Baton Rouge not long after arriving.

All four teenagers were then extradited to Florida to stand trial for their part in the murders.

Ferrell immediately plead guilty to the murder of Naomi and Richard. The remaining members were also found guilty and sentenced.

Ferrell received a death sentence for his crimes. For a time, he was the youngest prisoner on death row in the country. His sentence was commuted in 2,000 years to life in prison. Anderson also received a life sentence for his role in the murders. The girls, Wendorf and Keesee each received 10.5 years and 17.5 years in prison respectively.

The killings of the Vampire Cult inspired many documentaries and films. Here is a picture of Drew Fuller playing Rod Ferrell in the 2002 movie Vampire Clan.

Ferrell now 34, is still serving his life sentence. This the face of a cold blooded killer.


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