This Collection Of Photos Shows The Costumes Of 19th Century Burlesque Performances.

Fairies and mythological creatures were popular, due to how burlesque drew from classical works.

Based on Alice’s facial expression, this was probably taken later in the day.

Men’s clothing and military uniforms, tailored to fit women, was a popular choice in burlesque performances.

This outfit and the one in the next photo were designed around Renaissance-period menswear.

This costume borrows from the Greek national costume for men.

I don’t think this is regulation.

This might be a cheeky take on a sailor suit

This could be frontiersman-inspired.

A shiny tunic and leggings make this “armor” costume.

I actually think she looks great in that blazer.

It looks like stupid rubber horse masks existed before the days of the Internet.

Serious corseting all the time.

Many of the costumes are variations on corsets and bloomers, and some were only one piece, like a leotard.

This dancer is dressed as a statue in what appears to be the 1890s version of a morph suit.

It might be a granny nightgown, but it’s a sexy granny nightgown.


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