This Creepy Cemetery Collector Had 29 Female Bodies Dressed Up In His Apartment

Anatoly Moskvin was a historian and journalist known as a “genius” in his neighborhood because he could fluently speak 13 different languages.

But after his parents came to visit one day they discovered that Moskvin had been living with 29 corpses in his apartment. Each one of the corpses was dressed up in women’s clothing. One was even dressed as a teddy bear.

Each girl was between 15 and 26-years-old when they died. Their remains had dried up before Moskvin could wrap them up in a plastic bag and carry them to his apartment.

Moskvina is said to have visited more than 750 cemeteries in choosing his many wives. He often slept on the graveyard benches when he wasn’t sleeping at home in the coffin he used as a bed.


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