This Guy Built An Awesome Table Out Of An Abandoned Fire Hydrant

Not a lot to do with an old fire hydrant besides throw it out, right? Wrong.

This guy decided he was going to use the fire hydrant to design an awesome custom table.

It would, as a fire hydrant should be, firefighter themed. Here you can see his penciled-in outline of a Maltese Cross, the symbol used by fire departments.

Of course, the fire hydrant had to be paint the traditional fire-engine red. It just wouldn’t be the same if it were any other color.

He poured epoxy on the table to finish the surface.

But, DIYs can come with speed bumps…

Once he removed the epoxy and the layer of the original stain, he decided to try something different. He gave the table a unique look by carefully burning it.

For a slightly improvised design, this method of coloring the wood came out remarkably well.

And here’s the final product – an awesome fire hydrant table.


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