This Guy Converted His Old Van Into An Awesome Hobbit Home You’ll Envy

Where Cud Eastbound will set up shop for the Yukon winter.

The plan for “Night Danger” ’77 Dodge Camper turned winter shelter.

The floor. Looking pretty bare at the moment.

Pup does not look impressed with the progress thus far.

The van with what will soon be the floor that surrounds it.

Helpers celebrating now that the floor is all set.

Tiny stove, big warmth.

The real MVP of the operation.

Exhaust for the stove.

Looks like the pup has already found the best spot in the house.

Look at all of the shelf space.

The ever-important wood pile.

I think he realizes how important the wood is for their survival.

So far, so good.

Helpers with the all-natural insulation: straw.

Where’d the van go?

All this outhouse is missing is walls, toilet paper, and running water.

And so the winter begins.


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