This Man Took Some Old, Trashed Cardboard And Built A Giant Millennium Falcon

It started out simple enough: just a cardboard outline of the ship.

Slowly and carefully, more pieces supporting the structure of the ship were added and put together.

It’s still just bare-bones at this point, but you can see it’s really coming together.

At this stage, the bulk of the ship’s structure was assembled. It was time to get down to the details.

Adding the details of the ship was obviously an arduous process, but all the nuts and bolts were added to the ship look amazing.

Here’s another shot of the incredible detail on the ship’s exterior.

It’s a big model, too. Here’s a shot showing the scale of the finished Millennium Falcon next to a hand holding a little Millennium Falcon.

Of course you have to get some green screen action shots.

If you think it looks awesome now, wait until you see the backgrounds added.

Yup, that’s the model of the ship flying through space. So cool!

This really was an incredible project, and totally worth the 140 hours it took to complete!


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