This New Machine Will Print Photos Directly Onto Your Nails

Your nail game could get a major upgrade with this new smartphone-controlled nail printer. (Photo: Getty Images)

Nail art just got a major boost in the technology department thanks to a new robot invention that will essentially create the fingertips of your dreams in seconds. Nailbot, a brand-new smartphone nail art printer and app, prints custom nail art from any image on your iPhone or Android.

What is this sorcery, you ask? The new at-home device, created by Pree Walia and Casey Schulz, uses inkjet to print pretty much any image you have on your phone (emoji included), directly onto your nails. If the idea of a nail printer sounds familiar, don’t be fooled. Walia revealed to Tech Crunch that there’s one aspect of this robot that seriously sets it apart from competitors: “There have been nail printers in the past; it’s not a novel invention. The smartphone as the controller is such a differentiator.”

The steps are simple: First, place your phone into the cradle of the robot to connect the systems. Then prep your nails with a white base coat, following up with the pre-print coat for a more vibrant finish. Once nails are ready, put your finger into the finger cradle and take a picture of your nail in the app so that the robot can place the art accurately. Finally, print the image using the app, and seal it with a topcoat.

The product will retail for $199, and preorders are already sold out (join the waitlist here!). The actual printing process takes only about five seconds, and the color cartridge is good for about 5,000 manicures, so it’s definitely a product worth checking out if you’re a nail art fanatic. 

For a demonstration of the new product, check out this video:

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