This Woman Decided She Was Too Afraid, So She Faced Her Fears Head-On

Poler started the 100 Days Without Fear project, where each day, she would challenge herself to do something that scared her.

Day 2: Eat at least three oysters.

Day 4: Get a piercing.

Day 14: Drive alone at night.

Day 15: Get a Brazilian wax.

Day 16: Buy clothes with a pattern and wear them.

Day 18: Ride a bike in New York City.

Day 20: Play with dogs.

Day 21: Go blond.

Day 25: Fry food.

Day 29: Go to a networking event alone and meet people.

Day 33: Change a poopy diaper.

Day 36: Try Indian food.

Day 38: Get drunk (or at least tipsy).

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