This Year, You Should Use 17 Holiday Tips From Adorable Clever Animals

1.) Stay bundled up while out picking the best tree.

2.) Round up all your favorite kitschy decor.

3.) Put lights on everything. The more the merrier!

4.) Be sure to look as festive on the outside as you feel on the inside.

5.) Even when you’re out running errands.

6.) Coordinate fun outfits with your family for your greeting card.

7.) Make sure everyone feels included.

8.) Pay homage to all your favorite reindeer.

9.) They don’t all have to be Rudolph.

10.) Don’t let yourself get overwhelmed by all the excitement.

11.) Have your friends help you tackle the difficult gift wrapping.

12.) Bake a batch of delicious gingerbread men to share with Santa.

13.) And enjoy a few treats for yourself.

14.) Don’t forget about the elves!

15.) Don’t wait for the presents to show up by yourself. It gets boring.

16.) Instead, cuddle up with a friend and wait for Saint Nick to drop off the goods.

17.) And above all, remember that being together is the best present of all.

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