Time Capsule Gives Us A Sense of What It Was Like to Live A Century Ago.

Desk telephone, Pioneer Telephone and Telegraph Co.

Costume Royal Magazine from May 1913

A newspaper from April 22nd, 1913.

Of course, people in 1913 had to have their Quality Coffee too.

An Oklahoma State flag.

This is pretty cool – it’s a letter to the people of 2013!

I’ve never heard of anything like this before – this is a letter written in brail from the blind people of 1913 to those of 2013.

Here’s a bible written in the Choctaw language. I doubt you’ve seen one of these before.

Wow, these would be really cool to take a look at – The Constitution, Treaties and Laws of the Chickasaw Nation.

This might be my favorite of the bunch – A Edison Graphophone.


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