Top 12 beautiful beaches in the world !


Top 12 beautiful beaches in the world !


A large part of the world is made up of water bodies at about 71 percent. The water bodies are always lovely, with different varieties and features which always attract people to them. Some of these attractive features of water bodies include blue water and white sands, an atmosphere that is friendly to family visits as well as a setting that is off the grid. Other factors are experts approval, affordability, accessibility and ambience. Based on these factors we have tried to research the top 12 beautiful beaches in the world.

  1. Playa del Carmen

The lively atmosphere of Playa is among the top reason while a lot of people love to visit the beach. The town however has a lovely beach La Quinta Avenida which is located by the main thoroughfare of the town. The beach has a lot of nice eateries and vibrant shops. You can relax at the northern end of the beach or watch people at La Quinta.


  1. Corfu

This beach is a very beautiful beach as it features dramatic formations of rocks as well as sands that are picturesque. In his play – The Tempest, Shakespeare chose the isle in this beach as the play’s backdrop. There are many activities to be engaged in at the shore including exploring the countryside’s olive field as well as soaking in the splendor and sun of Glyfada.



  1. Bali

The beach in Bali is surrounded by old temples and green looking hills. If you are looking for a perfect background to take a picture, then the beaches in Bali is a spot you must try. The unspoiled sands of Sanur and Kuta attract travelers from all over the world. Furthermore, if you are the adventurous type that loves wave riding, then the striking seaside cliffs as well as the reef breaks of the Bukit Peninsula would surely be appealing.



  1. Sanibel Island

The Sanibel Island is located close to Fort Myers, just after Florida’s coast. This Island has an isle that is low-key which several beach lovers always visit. This is due to the fact that the beaches are scenic and it also has a lot of colorful seashells. You would be able to see unique colorful seashells all over the sand in the beach. Furthermore, you can round up your day at the beach by watching the sun setting at Captiva Island.



  1. Fiji

Fiji has a lot of sands that are chalky white as well as cerulean waters. This gives a perfect setting for a postcard. Even though people who love the sun always look for beaches that are secluded along the divers, surfers and coral coast, you can check out the Vuna Reef and Rainbow Reef in Tavenuni. The Yasawas luminous lagoon is another beach you would also want to see.



  1. Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos can be found on Providenciales eastern edge. The beach at Grace Bay is reputable for its classic Carribbean scenery, powdery sands and calm water. The beach is very lovely and you would love to see it. Alternative, you can check the Grand Turk’s Pillory Beach where you can look at the very gentle waters. If you also love snorkeling, you would also enjoy this beach.



  1. Anguilla

The Anguilla is made up of vibes that are laid back as well as sands that are white and sparkling. For those looking for the sun, Anguilla has always been a perfect location for them. Anguilla have over 33 lovely beaches to select from. Prominent amongst the beaches are Rendezvous Bay and Shoal Bay East. The beaches have a lot of lovely spots where people can relax.



  1. Seychelles

Seychelles is another location where you can get to enjoy nice beaches. One of these beaches is the Anse Source d’Argent beaches that are amongst the loveliest in the world. The beach is located by the Indian Ocean by the Island of La Digue. You can easily recognize this beach as a result of its boulders which are massive. You can also enjoy the unspoiled sands of Praslin Islands. You would be sure to get a lovely experience in these beaches in Seychelles.



  1. Maldives

If you love to go to beaches where their waters are warm with several tropical fishes, then you need to be in Maldives. You can choose to explore several coral reefs (over 3,000) in this location. You would also get a lot of beaches that are lined with palm on which you can sprawl. Alternatively, you can decide to go on scuba diving or snorkeling. Overall, you get to enjoy the lovely sights of the beaches as well as a lot of activities you can get involved in. There is thus no dull moment on these beaches.



  1. Kauai

If you love beaches that have palm trees that are swaying as well as chocolate and white sand, then Kauai is the location you are looking for. You would be sure to enjoy the laid-back charm and natural beauty of the beaches in Kauai. Prominent amongst these beaches are the Lumahai Beach, Hanakapi’ai Beach and the Po’ipu Beach. Apart from these popular ones, there are several other beaches with shorelines that are stunning in this location.



  1. Bora Bora

The isle known as Bora Bora is isolated and has several beaches that are lined with coconut trees. It also feature small inlets in the lush jungle where you can get to admire coral reefs and colorful fishes. If you love calm waves and clear waters, then you should see the Matira Beach. You should also make sure you visit the Lagoonarium where there is a lot of aquatic life that is fascinating.



  1. Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands has a beach that is about 7 miles long. The beach has lovely coral sands that would be difficult for any other beach’s coral sands to compete with. Furthermore, there are a lot of casual restaurants and luxurious hotels where travelers and tourist can settle, while exploring the beauty of the beach. The beach is able to cater to the need of tourists and travelers satisfactorily. If you would also want some shore dives that are spectacular, you can go to Eden Rock, towards the South.




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