Top Ten Celebrities Who have Done PhDs Before or After Their Popularity

Top Ten Celebrities Who have Done PhDs Before or After Their Popularity

From John Bon Jovi and Dolly Parton to Kermit the Frog and George Foreman, it looks like all the celebrities have now their honorary doctorate in education. Bu the question is, how many celebrities does exist that have collected their higher degree without the disclaimer of “honorary”? Well beneath I have made an arrangement of ten famous celebrities’ who is either an actor, sports player, musician, or a public figure, and who have achieved their highest doctor degree in education career. Some celebs have obtained their degrees part the time becoming famous. However, some others have already had the Doctor title.

10. Mayim Bialik



The Amy in The Big Bang Theory and sitcom are the two famous TV titles of 1990, in which Mayim Bialik performed amazingly. Her best role play was seen on the set of Blossom. She did not just perform the role of a scientist on TV, but in reality she have earned a Doctoral degree from UCLA in neuroscience. For the subject she had researched on was hypothalamic regulation in teenagers with Disorder Obsessive Compulsiveness and syndrome of Prader-Will. Originally Mayim had decided to leave the acting and planned to go with her interest in academia. But an opportunity was waiting for her, Bialik came back to perform the part on famous TV show The Big Bang Theory.

9. Robert Vaughn



The prolific acting career is shown by Robert Vaughn, he has appeared in a greatest array of television series and films, from his role of spy Napoleon Solo in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. in the 1960s series to his very recent role as a card shark on the Hustle British series. Previously the career of Robert Vaughn, he likewise obtained Doctoral degree in communications subject from the Southern California University of His dissertation.

8. Peter Weller



The adventurous RoboCop originally accomplished his doctoral degree in art history of Italian renaissance in 2013 at UCLA. Peter found his curiosity in the subject by watching his friends in business show who introduced peter to the renaissance and medieval world or art. And with his great fortune, he defended his dissertation. And I spite of the fact that he has be screened on camera several times, Peter says that ‘he will always be nervous when someone discuss about this thesis”.

7. Dan Grimaldi



Many people are aware that the role performed by Dan Grimaldi as twins Philly and Patsy Parisi is outstanding on the HBO hit. Maany of you do not know that he was a professor at Community College of Kingsborough in Brooklyn. Grimaldi collected a doctoral degree in data processing from New York’s City University. He today teaches computer science and mathematics. Grimaldi after getting his doctoral degree started acting in TV shows before which, he was working in a lab.

6. Mikhail Youzhny



You might be fan of Colonel more than Mikhail Youzhny. Well of course as this name was given by us to this world-ranked tennis player. Mikhail is a world class player and number one ranked of his home Russia. During the tournaments, he started completing his doctoral degree in philosophy from the University of Moscow in the year 2010. The outstanding player who is popular for the racket-smashing frenzies above the tennis court, Mikhail prepared his research report on a very familiar topic: A comprehensive research of the way different professional players of tennis approach the play.

5. Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko



These two brother are very popular for the heavyweight champions of boxing in the territory of Ukraine. Aside from their professional career, they do also have an amazing academic career. Both of the brothers have a doctoral degree in sport science from the University of Kiev. The first boxing champion title was given the Virali, who is also known as the ‘Dr. Ironfist’. The dissertation he had written on the topic was ‘’talent and sponsorship in sport’’ which was written in year 2000. Wladimir is also known from this academic name “Dr. Steelfist” had completed his doctoral degree in year 2001. The dissertation he written was based on pedagogical techniques for training young athletes.

4. Mike Marshall



The pitcher of FML (Former Major League) and the most famous Iron Mike Marshall is the outstanding thrower in baseball history of the screwball. The Mike Marshal has also got the Cy Young Award of 1974. The Mike pioneered his doctoral degree from State University of Michigan in kinesiology in the year 1978. He started his study at the time playing for the Twins of Minnesota. The dissertation of Mike Marshall was entitled as A comprehensive study on an assessment of Skeletal Age With Age of Chronology at the time Classifying Teenage Males for Norms of Motor Proficiency. Mike always insists for his dedication shown toward the research. He said that he is an analyst. Public will forget about him. And that is the reason that why his heart is at this research.

3. Frank Ryan


Frank Ryan is the Former quarterback assisted the Browns to be the champions 1964’s NFL championship. After six month of this achievement, Frank accomplished his doctoral degree in mathematics backgroud from Rice University. Later he became the tutor in Case Western Reserve University. At the university he used to play football after doing the teaching in the morning.

2. Brian May



The Brain May is popularly known for his lead guitarist role in Queen. He likewise has a doctoral degree in astrophysics from College of Imperial in London. Brian has given us hits like “We Will Rock You”. On the other side of Brian May, he has also done the doctoral degree in 2007 for the ‘interplanetary dust’ dissertation. He is also a book author.

1. Greg Graffin



Gaffin is popularly known as the lyricist and lead vocalist for Bad Religion based on Los Angeles. He earned his doctoral degree in zoology from University of Cornell in year 2003 with “Monism, Atheism, and the Naturalist Worldview: Perspectives from Evolutionary Biology” dissertation. Greg Graffin is also a book author.


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