Using These 20 Accessories Can Make Your Tea Time Delightfully Silly

1.) Rub a dub. Let’s get in the … cup?

2.) Of course there’s a feline version.

3.) Hoot Hoot.

4.) Dr. Who fans, “drink” your heart out.

5.) Hello, Mr. Polar Bear.

6.) Sweet Tea!

7.) Mana-“tea” Infuser.

8.) “To the moon, Alice!”

9.) For those rainy office days.

10.) Only the Japanese could love this.

11.) You won’t believe what happens next…

12.) Tea-Tanic!

13.) Irony, in petite form.

14.) Whoa…

15.) A certain Beatles song comes to mind.

16.) “Green” tea.

17.) Ready to steep with the fishes?

18.) He’s got nothing on Wall-E.

19.) Mr. Tea Infuser, never felt this good.

20.) Jonah got his souvenir.


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