What Fisherman Found Inside The Belly Of Shark They Caught Is Shocking.

When we say giant tiger shark, we mean giant. The men guessed the weight of the shark at around 1,300 pounds.

The men were fishing in the Philippine waters between Bohol and Camiguin islands when they hooked the giant tiger shark.

They brought the shark on board and started to gut it. However when they opened up the belly of the shark, they found something horrifying.

Inside the shark’s stomach was a partially digested human head, and human leg. They said the smell of it was absolutely horrible, and they quickly decided to dump the human remains and the dead shark back into the ocean.

The startled sailors returned to port with their story. Locals think that the body may have come from the MV Maharlika ferry. The ferry sunk in a tropical storm back in September. All the passengers had been rescued except for two that were still missing.


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