‘Women’s Running’ Taps Another Curvy Model for Its April Cover

Nadia Aboulhosn running like a boss on the cover of Women’s Running magazine. (Photo: @womensrunningmagazine)

Instagram star, blogger, model, and designer Nadia Aboulhosn is the April cover star for Women’s Running magazine, and to say the least, people are quite pleased. The magazine captured Aboulhosn getting her run on at the L.A. River, against the very recognizable backdrop of the L.A. River Canal — you know, the spot where that infamous race scene in Grease occurred. 

This isn’t the first time Women’s Running has featured a woman of size on their cover. Back in July, the magazine prominently featured plus-size model and real-life runner Erica Schenk on their cover, running like any health-conscious, able-bodied woman would. The cover was groundbreaking because it went against the stereotype that women of size don’t exercise or somehow aren’t healthy because of their weight. Women’s Running’s latest cover once again proves that they are committed to representing women of all sizes leading healthy, active lifestyles and that your weight or shape is no barrier to how physically fit you actually are.

And the outpouring of praise over Aboulhosn’s cover proves just how much readers are looking for this kind of representation. “wish I could ‘love’ this pic 1,000 times! Brought tears to my eyes just reading the cover!” one commenter gushed. “Can’t wait to read the issue. Thank you for focusing on body-positive running! SO beyond great for our community!” Over on Aboulhosn’s Instagram, the praise continues: “Thank you for being such a bad ass! As a chubby girl that loves to run it means so much to me to see someone who looks like me on the cover,” one wrote. “You girl represent tons of girls like me that only wants a place in this world no matter the size,” another said.

Aboulhosn, who is a runner herself, notes that this is her very first magazine cover, “after working nonstop for five years.” Looks like all that hard work paid off!

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