Your Sheet Masks Just Got A Really Cool Makeover

When sheet masks first came onto the skin-care scene, they were met with skepticism from those in the beauty world. So, these pieces of fabric that make me look like a Jason stand-in are supposed to transform my skin? We were hopeful, but had reservations. But as these Korean skin-care innovations typically do, they won us over — and it wasn’t long before we started coveting them as much as we do our Tom Ford lipsticks. 

Lately, we’ve been seeing our now beloved masks get some innovative mini-makeovers. In place of the basic gel and cotton iterations (which we still adore, let’s get that straight), we’ve seen sheets that are infused with petals, made with foil, and even lace. Ahead we lay out the newest versions we’re excited about. Some might seem intimidating at first, but don’t knock ‘em until you try ’em, y’all.

Don’t let the looks of this bad boy ward you off — it’s not as scary as it seems (or sounds). Oozoo’s Face Injection Mask, which is coming to Korean e-commerce site Soko Glam sometime in May, works like this: Take the serum-filled syringe and insert the needle into the opening in the mask right before you use it. Dousing the mask with product just before slapping it on keeps the ingredients fresh and makes them more effective than ever.

Benefit’s new pore mask works similarly to Oozoo’s except it’s not as procedural. To enact the serum for the brand’s Instant Wipeout Mask, simply push the “press” button and the serum will release into the packet. The now-saturated mask, which is the size of a nose strip, can be placed anywhere on your face that needs some extra pore cleansing. It’s dual-sided, so after about 10 minutes, you can use the textured side as an exfoliating treatment. Clogged pores, what’s good? 

Instant Wipeout Pore Cleansing Masks, $32, available at Ulta Beauty.


If we only had a heart, amiright? Everyone in the Seoul beauty glitterati is talking about this new mask from the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair collection (they even dubbed it the “Iron Man”) — and if anyone knows their skin care, it’s South Koreans. The foil mask is formulated with a shit-ton of hyaluronic acid, the skin’s favorite moisture-friendly ingredient. Place it on your face for 10 minutes right before heading to bed, and the serum will work its magic firming, evening out, and brightening the skin all within your eight hours of slumber.

Concentrated Recovery Power Foil Mask, $79, available at Estée Lauder.

This gel mask from Skinfood may look like the usual sheet mask suspect…until you get close. The two-piece product is infused with lavender essence and includes real-life petals suspended inside (which ensures your skin is getting quality ingredients straight from the source). I tried this out the other day and, the lavender fan in me aside, my skin felt refreshed, highly moisturized, and super dewy, after.

Real Tea Gel Mask in Lavender, $7, available at Soko Glam.

Our Korean correspondent, Joyce Kong, first uncovered this fascinating fruit-juicer mask back in October, and our jaw has been on the floor ever since. It’s a juicer that will transform any fruit or vegetable into a hydrating hydrogel mask. “It’s like the beauty version of an Easy-Bake Oven, only infinitely cooler and more useful than those soggy brownies ever were,” Kong writes. You might not be able to get your hands on the machine just yet, but what’s stopping you from reading up on it for when you can?

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By: Taylor Bryant

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