Your Wedding Dress Is Nothing Compared to This 328-ft.-long Masterpiece

The model prior to the parade. (Photo: That’s China/Facebook)

United States-based brides, take note: You’re doing weddings all wrong. Just look at this gown, which made its glorious, frill-filled debut this week on the streets of Shandong Province in China, for proof.

The wedding dress train being carried by little kids. (Photo: That’s China/Facebook)

At first glance, the dress is nothing special: It’s white, made with tulle and lace, and features crystal embellishment — your archetypal Kleinfeld’s number. But from the back, boy is this baby legendary. Made by a luxury design house, the wedding dress has a train  that is 100 meters long (that’s approximately 328 feet, for Americans not schooled in conversion). The masterpiece took three months to complete using 21 skilled craftspeople, and cost more than 300,000 yuan ($46,200). 

To give the dress a grand entrance into the world, a young model paraded through a city center with the train trailing behind her, helped along by scores of little kids. Crowds gathered to take in the grand display. All that was missing was a groom wearing a tuxedo with equally long tails. 

The world record holder. (Photo: CEN)

While the market for something as showy as a gown that requires an army of individuals just to move might seem negligible, it’s alive and well in China. This dress doesn’t even break the world record for longest train: that goes to Jing Mei — who, for a prenuptials photoshoot, had a dress with 3,000-meter (1.86-mile) train. She had 40 bridesmaids and security guards help her lay it out in a field for one epic image (above). Additionally, actress Angelababy, who prefers brand-name designers from France, wore a Dior custom couture gown for her wedding extravaganza that required nearly 115 feet of satin organza; 170 feet of tulle, crafted into seven skirt layers, and a 10-foot-long train. But that’s not all: Vera Wang’s $1.5 million peacock wedding dress was bought by a Chinese bride, and a gown encrusted with 9,999 karats of gems costs approximately $32,902 and was on sale in Eastern China. 

The actual cost of this dress has yet to be revealed, but based on the demanding market, someone will surely wear it down the aisle — and hopefully soon. 

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